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7 Benefits of Titanium Tubes

Ti-Tek is your go-to supplier of the titanium tubes, each one offering countless advantages for various industries. We supply titanium tubes that can easily be cut to length, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable for your specific needs.

Our titanium tubes all have unique benefits to offer, regardless of whether you choose tubes that are made from pure titanium or an alloy.

Ever wondered what makes titanium so desirable for tubes? Could it be their chemical resistance? What about the fact that they are biocompatible? Titanium is a metal that can easily be tolerated by the body, hence why it’s so useful for medical diagnosis. Here are some of the main qualities of titanium!

The titanium tubes that we provide are designed to offer more strength than any stainless-steel tubes, making them a reliable alternative. Whether you’re looking for titanium tubes to suit your automotive or medical industry, you can bet Ti-Tek have exactly what you’re looking for!

  1. Low density

Unlike other metals, titanium incorporates a low weight to high strength ratio. The density of titanium is less than stainless steel, nickel and copper, which makes it easier to work with.

Despite having such a low density, the titanium tubes are designed to maintain strength and rigidity, offering suitability for various industrial applications.

  1. Durability

Our products can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. As a transition metal, titanium is renowned for its high strength. Ti-Tek supply the titanium tubes for the motorsport industry where strength, power and performance are of utmost importance.

  1. Corrosion resistance

The titanium tubes are renowned for their ability to resist corrosion and other impacts. Our titanium tubes are manufactured to suit highly corrosive environments, allowing you to maintain a high-quality appearance.

Titanium is resistant to corrosion meaning that it suits various outdoor applications and can ultimately prevent rust.

  1. Chemical resistance

Titanium tubes are not only able to resist corrosion; they’re designed to withstand chemical components too. Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium tubes in an assortment of grades, ranging from Grade 1 to 12.

The titanium tubes we provide are designed to perform effectively, suiting various applications. Incorporating a flexible design and kink resistance; it’s no surprise our titanium tubes are so popular. Choosing one of our titanium tubes will provide you with the peace of mind that your products are protected from chemicals and acids.

  1. Heat transfer

When it comes to thermal conductivity, you cannot go wrong with the titanium tubes that we supply at Ti-Tek! Our titanium supplies work well under extreme temperatures and pressures so you needn’t worry about getting the most out of your equipment.

Whether you’re looking for titanium to suit applications of power generation or sporting equipment, our products are guaranteed to accommodate your specific needs and wants. They’re also suitable for the marine and nuclear industry, where high efficiency is required.

  1. High performance

Regardless of why you need titanium tubes, the team here at Ti-Tek can help you to find exactly what you’re looking for. We cut all tubes to length and ensure that they’re tailored to suit your unique needs.

The titanium tubes from Ti-Tek are considered to be some of the most versatile of their calibre. Titanium is a metal that combines high strength with low density to perform exceptionally well under pressure. As a material of choice, titanium is guaranteed to offer protection when transferring liquids at high speeds.

  1. Efficiency

At Ti-Tek, the titanium tubes that we supply incorporate an oxide coating which forms when the metal is exposed to air at elevated temperatures.

In addition to this, the titanium tubes that we supply offer low thermal expansion, preventing any weakening or deformation. You’ll find that the titanium tubes are cost-efficient, they each provide you with the best value for your money.

In terms of affordability, the titanium tubes that we have in stock are priced suitably for an array of budget requirements. Needless to say, titanium tubes are not to be chosen lightly. For expert advice choosing the right shape, size and depth tubes for your application, call us on 0121 382 4121!

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