Titanium Bolts / Fasteners

Looking for titanium fasteners? Brilliant! Ti-Tek is a leading titanium supplier and we have a wide range of standard fasteners for you to choose from. We can also offer a bespoke service where fasteners and essential components are manufactured to your exact drawings and specifications.

Our titanium fasteners are widely used in the world of aerospace, defence, medical, marine and petrochemical industries, and with good reason. So, why not take a look today?

A comprehensive range of titanium fasteners

Here at Ti-Tek, we are experts when it comes to titanium fasteners, and supply the following:

  • Dome head bolts
  • Flange hex head bolts
  • Nuts / washers
  • Taper head socket cap
  • Race spec bolts
  • Parallel head socket cap bolts
  • Hex head bolts / set screws

All of the titanium bolts we stock are made from grade 2 (pure titanium) or grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) titanium which is the most widely used titanium alloy.

Being 45% lighter than stainless steel and stronger than aluminium, titanium bolts are an ideal replacement fastener – and particularly used in sports, such as motor racing, where every bit of weight matters. Titanium exhibits higher tensile strength than any other metal – even at high temperatures. It’s also extremely resistant to seawater and corrosion – making it perfect for aeronautical and naval applications.

Titanium bolts and fasteners, like these, are used in applications where the high strength to weight ratio, excellent resistance to stress, corrosion and cracking, and good fatigue strength are a must.

Order titanium fasteners today

If you’re looking for titanium fasteners for your next project, be sure to make Ti-Tek your first choice.

We have been providing titanium parts to countless industries and companies throughout the world for many years now and will be more than happy to help you find the titanium fasteners you need.

The team, here at Ti-Tek, is dedicated to providing our customers with the best products. We use only the highest quality titanium to manufacture our nuts, bolts, screws and washers and pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, don’t hesitate to contact us. Either call 0121 382 4121 or drop us an email at info@titek.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you.

Already know exactly which titanium bolts you need? Great – fill in the enquiry form below. Our team will provide you with a fair price and, as soon as we get the thumbs up from you, we’ll produce fasteners that match your requirements.

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