Titanium Bars

Titanium is a metal of choice for many industries. As a metal, titanium can easily be formed into bars, accommodating your specific requirements with regards to shape and size.

The lightweight titanium bars are available in an assortment of Grades, ranging from Grade 1, right up to Grade 12 and are supplied in various strengths, making it easier for you to choose a bar that matches your exact needs and wants.

Unlike other metals, the titanium bars are durable and combine high strength with low weight. Any of the titanium bars that we supply at Ti-Tek are designed to be lustrous and resistant to corrosion, providing you with a long-lasting metal.

Grades of Titanium.

The Grade of titanium indicates the relation between strength and resistance. Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium bars in purest forms (Grades 1-4) as well as alloyed titanium. The lower grades are titanium in its purest form and these tend to be the most durable. The strength of the metal is enhanced when titanium is alloyed with other elements.

We highly recommend Grade 1 titanium bars for those who require a less ductile metal. The Grade 1 titanium offers high corrosion resistance which makes it ideal for various industrial applications.

Grade 2 and Grade 5 titanium bars are the most popular; these combine ductility with weldability and formability to provide a highly reliable metal.

Uses of the Titanium Bars.

Titanium bars are especially versatile. Whether it be for the aerospace, medical or chemical industry, there are several uses of the titanium bars that we stock at Ti-Tek.


Believe it or not, titanium bars can be used to create luxury pieces of jewellery. The high strength properties of titanium make it perfect for jewellery fasteners, creating a secure clasp or fastener that maintains a lustrous finish.


The titanium bars are considered to be reliable for welding applications, especially Grade 12 titanium! High-performance titanium is ideal for applications that require resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

The Grade 12 titanium bars can also be used for shell and tube heat exchangers, offering greater resistance than titanium in its purest form.


Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium bars to suit some of the most diverse requirements- including those based in the medical industry. The titanium bars that we supply can be used for dental implants, surgical implants, joint and bone replacements, as well as medical equipment. The durability of the titanium bars makes them so popular amongst the medical industry.

Alloyed Titanium Bars.

We stock titanium alloys to suit the requirements of any aerospace applications. The alloyed titanium bars are made up of only the best properties. Although titanium is alloyed, it can easily be formed into bars and sustains its hard, shiny appearance.

Alloyed titanium bars are used as a result of their high strength to weight ratio and can be customised to suit specification.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the flat titanium bars in a range of lengths but if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for, we can customise products to suit your individual needs and requirements.

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Our stock of titanium bars contains Grade 2, Grade 5 (Ti 6AL/4V and ELi) and Grade 7.

Grade 2 B 348 + F67
dimension weight/m2
6.0mm 0.127kg
8.0mm 0.227kg
10.0mm 0.354kg
12.0mm 0.510kg
15.0mm 0.796kg
16.0mm 0.906kg
20.0mm 1.415kg
25.0mm 2.212kg
30.0mm 3.185kg
35.0mm 4.335kg
40.0mm 5.663kg
45.0mm 7.164kg
50.0mm 8.845kg
60.0mm 12.74kg
63.0mm 14.28kg
70.0mm 17.34kg
80.0mm 22.65kg
90.0mm 28.67kg
100.0mm 35.39kg
120.0mm 50.96kg
130.0mm 59.81kg
150.0mm 79.61kg
180.0mm 114.7kg
200.0mm 141.5kg
Ti 6AL/4V AMS 4928
dimension weight/m2
4.0mm 0.057kg
5.0mm 0.089kg
6.0mm 0.127kg
8.0mm 0.227kg
12.7mm 0.57kg
16.0mm 0.91kg
20.0mm 1.39kg
25.0mm 2.17kg
30.0mm 3.12kg
35.0mm 4.25kg
40.0mm 5.55kg
45.0mm 7.02kg
50.0mm 8.87kg
55.0mm 10.71kg
60.0mm 12.49kg
65.0mm 14.65kg
70.0mm 16.99kg
80.0mm 22.20kg
90.0mm 28.10kg
100.0mm 34.68kg
110.0mm 41.96kg
120.0mm 49.94kg
130.0mm 59.81kg
150.0mm 79.61kg
160.0mm 90.6kg
180.0mm 114.7kg
200.0mm 138.7kg
Ti 6AL/4V ELi ASTMF136
dimension weight/m2
1.6mm 0.009kg
1/8” 0.035kg
4.0mm 0.056kg
5.0mm 0.087kg
6.0mm 0.125kg
8.0mm 0.222kg
10.0mm 0.354kg
1/2” 0.560kg
16.0mm 0.888kg
20.0mm 1.388kg
1” 2.240kg
30.0mm 3.186kg
Grade 7 ASTM B 348
dimension weight/m2
20.0mm 1.41kg
25.0mm 2.21kg
30.0mm 3.19kg
32.0mm 3.62kg
35.0mm 4.33kg
40.0mm 5.66kg
42.0mm 6.25kg
50.0mm 8.85kg
60.0mm 12.74kg
70.0mm 17.35kg
80.0mm 22.66kg


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