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Titanium Pipe

Are you looking for a low-density metal that has the highest strength? What about a titanium pipe UK?

Ti-Tek provides titanium pipes that have properties similar to steel but a density more like aluminium. The ratio of strength to weight is high, making the metal extremely useful for various applications.

A titanium pipe is ideal if you work in the construction or welding industry simply because it can offer extra stability. Here at Ti-Tek, we can tailor the size of the pipe to meet your individual requirements, likewise, if you want the pipe to be a certain shape – speak to our team of professionals and we can discuss this!

The grade of our titanium pipes is usually grade 2 which is best used for piping systems. The fact that titanium is ultra-corrosive resistant makes it suitable for the production of golf clubs and tennis rackets. Additionally, titanium pipe fittings can be used to manufacture wheelchairs and heat exchangers.

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