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Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Here at Ti-Tek, we stock and supply high-quality titanium and have recently purchased a fibre laser cutting machine, as part of an expansion project for the automotive sector.

This specialist machinery uses robust cutting technology to provide a precise finish. Meaning we can now produce almost any car part – whether it be the body, doors, chassis or engine parts.

At Ti-Tek, we supply finished titanium parts for the OEM who builds titanium exhausts and then sends them on to vehicle manufacturers.

How does it work?

A high-power laser is directed from a computer. This causes the material it’s directed at to melt, burn, vaporise or be blown away – allowing it to be reshaped and providing more extensive design possibilities.

What are the benefits?

Laser cutting eliminates the need for machining – allowing you to keep manufacturing costs low and save money. The process is more precise than other techniques and uses less energy.

Our laser metal cutting machine enables us to create more complex shapes, removing the need for tooling. It’s designed to cut, engrave and mark metals precisely and minimises distortion. We use cutting machinery to provide titanium for various industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, automotives, engineering and many more.

So, if you’re looking to create intricate, complicated products, tube laser cutting makes it easy for you. Find out more by calling us on 0121 382 4121

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