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Our Titanium Sheets and Plates

Our stock of titanium sheets and plates contains Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 5 (Ti 6AL/4V).

Grade 1 ASTM B 265 + F67
thickness weight/m2
0.5mm 2.26kg
0.6mm 2.71kg
0.7mm 3.16kg
0.8mm 3.61kg
1.0mm 4.51kg
1.5mm 6.77kg
2.0mm 9.02kg
3.0mm 13.53kg
Grade 2 ASTM B 265 + F67
thickness weight/m2
2.0mm 9.02kg
3.0mm 13.53kg
4.0mm 18.04kg
5.0mm 22.55kg
6.0mm 27.06kg
8.0mm 36.08kg
10.0mm 45.10kg
12.0mm 54.12kg
15.0mm 67.65kg
20.0mm 90.20kg
25.0mm 112.8kg
30.0mm 135.3kg
35.0mm 157.9kg
40.0mm 180.4kg
50.0mm 225.5kg
60.0mm 270.6kg
Ti 6AL/4V AMS 4911
available upon request

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