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Our Titanium Tubes

Here at Ti-Tek, we have an extensive range of titanium tubes that are available in various sizes, shapes and depths. Titanium tubing is idyllic for those looking for a metal that offers a smooth transition and tensile strength.
When it comes to high-performance metal tubing, titanium exhaust tubing is one of the best! It is used within the motorsport industry for its durability and low density. The fact that titanium has a high melting point and provides a good transfer of heat, makes titanium tubing perfect for improving the power of motorcycles.
As titanium tubing suppliers, Ti-Tek has an extensive range that suits the diverse needs and requirements of the following industries:
• Hydraulics
• Medical
• Marine
• Chemical
• Aerospace.

If you require any more information regarding titanium tubing, don’t hesitate to speak to Ti-Tek!

Our stock of titanium tubes contains Grade 2, welded and seamless.

Grade 2 ASTM B 337/338 thickness
6mm OD x 1mm WT
8mm OD x 1mm WT
10mm OD x 1mm WT
1/2” OD x 0.9mm WT
5/8” OD x 0.9mm WT
5/8” OD x 1.2mm WT
3/4” OD x 0.9mm WT
3/4” OD x 1.2mm WT
3/4” OD x 1.65mm WT
7/8” OD x 0.9mm WT
7/8” OD x 1.2mm WT
1” OD x 0.9mm WT
1” OD x 1.65mm WT
Different sizes upon request.

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