Titanium Exhaust

Searching for a titanium exhaust? The type that can shave kilograms off the weight of your vehicle? Be sure to check out our range, here at Ti-Tek.

We are a leading UK supplier of this strong yet lightweight type of exhaust system – specifically designed to enhance the overall performance of motorsport vehicles.

Titanium Vs stainless steel

If a stainless steel exhaust isn’t posh enough for you, our titanium exhausts are certainly worth a look. Typically made from metal alloys, the titanium exhaust is 45% lighter than its steel counterpart, which explains why you’ll often see race cars with this type of exhaust as every bit of weight counts.

Weight savings aside; titanium is extremely strong. In fact, the same thickness titanium tube is twice as durable as an identical piece of stainless steel – meaning that a thin, lightweight titanium tube can be used to manufacture the exhaust without sacrificing any strength. This makes the titanium exhaust one of the strongest and lightest on the market today.

As a bonus, a titanium exhaust turns a nice blue colour once heated – giving it a more flashy look. There’s also a distinct difference in tone between the titanium and stainless steel exhaust. The thinner walls in titanium make for a more aggressive, metallic sound.

Titanium exhaust technology

Here at Ti-Tek, we are delighted to supply Titanium KSTi-1.2 ASNEX – the number one technology behind lightweight performance exhaust systems for cars and motorbikes alike.

Owing to high-temperature oxidation resistance between 700 and 800°C and excellent fatigue properties, KSTi-1.2 ASNEX titanium is perfect for the manufacture of exhausts.

The characteristics of the titanium exhaust technology are very similar to those of Grade 2 titanium – offering excellent formability and a remarkable combination of strength, ductility, and weldability.

We currently stock the titanium exhaust tubes in 1.2mm wall thicknesses and a choice of sizes, ranging from 40mm, right up to 80mm OD (outside diameter), however, bespoke sizes can also be made to order. As well as tubes, we also stock KSTi-1.2 ASNEX in sheets of 0.9mm x 1250mm x 3000mm and 1.2mm x 1250mm x 3000mm.

Are titanium exhausts worth it?

This depends on the vehicle, and the size of your wallet, of course. However, if you’re building a race car that would benefit from the exceptional weight difference of an all-titanium exhaust and you can justify the price for the look and exotic sound – we’d highly recommend you go for a titanium exhaust.

If you would like to know more about our titanium exhausts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Ti-Tek team is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call us on 0121 382 4121 or send an email to info@titek.co.uk.

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