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Titanium Metals

Titanium metal is renowned for its sheer strength and reliability in various applications. If you require a high-performance metal, look no further than Ti-Tek.

Within our titanium metal supply, we include titanium bars, coils, pipes and plates to ultimately meet your specific needs and requirements. We can customise the thickness, width and length to suit your industry specifically, so whether you’re in the automotive industry or the medical industry, we are confident you’ll find something suitable. Similarly, our titanium metal can be appropriate for use by the military and sporting industries.

Titanium metal offers high resistance to corrosion, Ti-Tek guarantees you won’t be disappointed with the strength of our metals. Our titanium alloys are significantly more lustrous than titanium in its purest form. Some elements that titanium can be alloyed with are aluminium, molybdenum and iron; these create a stronger, lightweight metal!

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