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Titanium Supply

Ti-Tek is the leading titanium supplier in the UK, meaning we provide pure titanium and titanium alloys. We supply titanium to offer suitability for your business needs and requirements by providing you with the opportunity to customise the length and shape of your titanium.

All our products are of the highest quality and we act to provide you with the most competitive of prices! We guarantee that our titanium supply is fit for purpose for an array of applications.

In order to meet your specific needs and requirements, Ti-Tek have an extensive range of titanium grades, including pure titanium (Grades 1 to 3) which are ductile and offer a reasonable amounts of strength and Grades 5 to 12 which are all titanium alloys making the metal more durable and resistant!

As titanium suppliers, we can cut titanium to equate for your individual needs and requirements, feel free to contact us today!

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