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Titanium Wire

Ti-Tek has a wide range of titanium wire that suits various industries. Our titanium wire at Ti-Tek, is ideal for welding, hence why we supply welding wire which is available in various sizes, starting from as little as 1.6mm and going up to 3.0mm.

Titanium’s tensile properties make it especially useful for the chemical and processing industries, ultimately because of its resistance to fatigue and cracking.

For a clean vape, use titanium vape wire! Ti-Tek offer titanium wire for temperature control, it makes it much safer! Titanium vape wire is required for advanced vaping, allowing you to rebuild and have a greater vape experience. The wires are fine and soft yet the high strength properties make them ideal. We stock Grade 3 titanium wire in a range of sizes – this can go up to 5.0mm x 2m! Grade 3 titanium is in its purest form making it lightweight and strong!

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