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All You Need To Know About Titanium

When it comes to choosing a metal, you need to be sure that it suits your specific needs. With a wide range of metals to choose from, it can be only too easy to choose a metal that doesn’t match up to both your requirements and the requirements of your application.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply a complete range of Titanium, so it’s no surprise that you find yourself spoilt for choice! Should you find yourself in a situation of not knowing whether you need a titanium bar or a titanium sheet, our team of friendly experts will be more than willing to offer their expertise.

Titanium is a metal that has countless uses within various industries, this is usually down to the fact that we supply a variety of titanium grades, ranging from Grade 1, right through to Grade 12. Ti-Tek is your go-to supplier of titanium, providing you with all you need to know about the abundant metal!

Titanium Supply.

Did you know that titanium is the 9th most abundant metal in the earth’s crust?

As a titanium supplier, Ti-Tek accommodates the needs and wants of those who work in the domestic sector and also the commercial sector. If you’re looking for a highly reliable, practical metal, you needn’t look any further than Ti-Tek!

Finding Titanium.

Would you know where to look to find titanium on the periodic table?

As a transition metal, titanium has the atomic symbol of “Ti” and the atomic number of 22. The atomic number combines the number of protons and electrons.


As a low-density transition metal, titanium is easy to use and easy to work with, providing you with a reliable metal for your domestic, commercial and industrial application.

Any of the titanium bars that we supply are designed to be lightweight. Not only are they considered to be equally as strong as steel; they’re 45% lighter too!


Looking for a high-quality transition metal to suit your individual requirements? Here at Ti-Tek, we provide the titanium bars and titanium exhausts to accommodate some of the most diverse needs and wants.

Although it’s a lustrous metal, titanium incorporates tensile strength, meaning it’s guaranteed to last and to perform exceptionally well under pressure.

Melting Point.

Needless to say, you want your titanium to last- so, here at Ti-Tek, our titanium bars are manufactured to provide resistance to extreme temperatures. With a high melting point of up to 1,800°C, you can rest assured that your metal will maintain it’s quality for longer, making no compromise to its aesthetic appearance!


Titanium – A lustrous, shiny, silver metal, guaranteed to stand out from afar! As a titanium supplier, we can provide you with a titanium exhaust that’s manufactured to suit your expensive needs. From our collection of titanium bars, you’re bound to find a metal that’s corrosion resistant, allowing you to sustain quality standards, for longer!

Should you need to know any more about the titanium supplies we have, here at Ti-Tek, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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