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Titanium Plate

Commonly a titanium plate is used for manufacturing purposes. Ti-Tek has an extensive range of titanium plates that can offer suitability for any purpose, this is because we can supply them in a range of sizes, shapes and widths.

A titanium plate UK offers resistance against corrosion and is a good thermal conductor of heat – making it particularly useful for the automotive and aerospace industries. As well as this, a titanium plate has a number of uses within the medical industry. A titanium plate is heavier than aluminium which therefore makes it more stable and reliable.

When strengthened with other elements like iron and molybdenum, titanium becomes a lightweight metal with high-durability. The most common grades for titanium plates are grade 2 and grade 5, this is because they have tensile strength and can withstand extremely high temperatures!

Find out how the titanium plate price varies depending on size – enquire now!

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