Titanium Rod

Titanium is one of the most abundant metals that’s found within the Earth’s crust. Used for its desirable weight and durability, the titanium rods are guaranteed to suit your unique project requirements. The titanium rods are designed to be one of the most versatile products on the market, offering suitability for an array of industries, could you benefit from our titanium supplies?

Why Titanium?

Renowned for its low weight and high strength, titanium combines some of the most desirable metallic properties. Although titanium is considered to be a lightweight metal, it’s 60% heavier than aluminium. As a result of the titanium rods being twice as heavy as aluminium, they are also twice as strong making them perfect for various applications.

At Ti-Tek we supply the titanium rods which are designed to last longer, providing you with a reliable metal and ample opportunity to maximise your investment.

Uses of Titanium Rods.

There are countless uses of the titanium rods, some of which are obvious and others that you may not have even thought of!

The team here at Ti-Tek have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer and will be more than willing to provide you with any necessary advice or support that you require. To discuss any queries that you have with our team of experts, call us on 0121 382 4121.


A titanium rod is often used by the aerospace industry for equipment. Where equipment needs to be hardwearing, the high strength to low weight ratio of the titanium rods makes them extremely reliable.


The titanium rods are also used by the medical industry, including the orthopaedics department. One of the reasons why titanium is used within this industry is for the ease of insertion. The titanium rods are designed to be easily inserted into the body to treat fractures and breaks, restoring a sense of comfort for patients.

When it comes to surgical implants, titanium is often the metal of choice, for it has the ability to stabilise or replace bones. Our titanium rods are perfect for joint replacements too, eliminating the pain that patients experience.


Another industry that uses the titanium rod is the automotive industry. Titanium is used to connect rods and valves effectively, ultimately improving performance and reliability.

Welding Titanium Rods.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium rods in all grades, however, Grades 2 and 5 are often referred to as the workhorse because they tend to be the most common.

The welding rods are guaranteed to provide optimal strength, ensuring that you get more out of your products. Any of the titanium rods for welding are manufactured with your needs in mind; offering exceptional resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

Titanium Rod Suppliers.

As with any of the stock that we provide at Ti-Tek, the titanium rods are tailored to match your exact requirements. They can easily be cut to length and custom made to suit your intended application.

The titanium rods are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, providing resistance to exceedingly high temperatures, corrosion and fatigue.

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