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Ti-Tek and the Stratford Shoal

Looking for a reliable titanium supplier but don’t know which way to jump? Ti-Tek is a leading stockholder of titanium products having worked with big international names and on major projects – including London 2012 Olympic Games. With all that experience to offer – can you afford not to work with us?

Our history

Ever since we were founded in 1999 in Birmingham, we have enjoyed continued growth. As a result of this, we moved to a larger facility in 2013, where we are now able to house larger quantities of stock and more readily meet customer demands.

Ti-TEK and the Stratford Shoal

With a fantastic reputation for quality and reliability, we supply metal for critical applications across countless demanding industries including the aerospace, chemical, medical, motorsport and oil and gas sectors.

The Stratford Shoal

The Stratford Centre was built during the 1970s, facing the high street. But with the addition of a bus terminal and a newly-refurbished train station, the rear of the shopping centre became a prominent entrance with unattractive delivery bays and car parking ramps.

In 2009, London Borough of Newham held a competition, asking for suggestions to resolve the issue and help improve the ugly East-London shopping centre. Studio Egret West were the winners with a bold and innovative approach – the Stratford Shoal.

Their sculpture design was made up of a series of tree-like forms and steel branches with oversized titanium leaves – anodised in shades of blue, green and yellow. Titanium was chosen for its durability, lightweight and shimmering quality. Each leaf was positioned on pivots, allowing them to gently move in the wind, and changed colour in response to the light.

We were delighted to be awarded the contract to supply the titanium sheets for the 250m titanium sculpture after working on a 2-year research and development program and an exhaustive international tendering process.

Our titanium sheets were formed and fabricated in Holland to create the leaves and anodised in Japan. The Stratford Shoal is the largest kinetic sculpture in Britain and remains a permanent fixture.

Why work with Ti-Tek?

London 2012 is just one example of the varied uses of titanium. So, whatever you’re considering this metal for – you’ve come to the right place! From titanium sheets to rods, bars, plates, wires and fasteners, you name it, we supply it. We source only the best materials and use state of the art equipment, like our £120k fibre tube laser cutting machine, to cut metals to your exact specification.

For more information about working with Ti-Tek, give us a call on 0121 382 4121 or email info@titek.co.uk.

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