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12 Interesting Facts about titanium

How much do you know about titanium? Titanium is a metal which is used to manufacture tennis rackets and other sporting equipment, not forgetting car parts and sun cream.

Renowned for its high strength to low-density ratio. It’s a transition metal, found in the middle of the periodic table, with the atomic symbol ‘Ti’ and atomic number 22.

12 Interesting Facts about titanium

Here are 12 interesting facts about titanium:

  • Titanium was first discovered in 1791

Titanium is the 9th most common element found in the earth’s crust. It was first discovered in 1791 in Cornwall by William Gregor, an amateur geologist.

  • Titanium is named after Greek Mythology

Martin Klaproth, a German chemist, rediscovered the element in 1975 and named it ‘Titanium’. The name originates from ‘Titans’ in Greek Mythology.

  • Titanium is one of the most versatile metals

Titanium is often used for products that require ductile strength and a high melting point. It can be fabricated by means of hot or cold forming, flat rolling, extrusion or welding to form:

  • Bars
  • Pipes
  • Plates and sheets
  • Rods
  • Tubes
  • Wires
  • Titanium is an alloying agent

When titanium is combined with other metals, such as iron, molybdenum, vanadium and aluminium, it provides more durability and tensile strength.

Many industries use the titanium bar as an alloying agent because it has the ability to withstand extreme environments.

  • Titanium is used offshore

All our titanium rods, bars, sheets and plates offer excellent resistance to seawater – making them ideal for rigs, ship propellers and desalination plants.

  • Titanium is used by the automotive industry

Volkswagen was the first to take advantage of titanium’s properties in the early 2000s, using titanium springs in place of steel ones to produce the VW Lupo.

Tesla also uses titanium to manufacture their vehicles. Their Model S Sedan uses the metal to improve safety – protecting the underbody and components from damage.

  • Titanium is used in the field of medicine

A titanium rod can be used to manufacture surgical instruments, providing professionals with the precision they need to carry out medical procedures.

Unlike other metals, titanium isn’t rejected by the human body. It can be used for hip, shoulder and knee replacements or for dental implants.

  • Titanium is used by the aerospace industry

Titanium is used in the landing gear, airframe, fasteners and engines of aircraft. One of the reasons why it’s used by the aerospace industry is that it can handle extreme conditions, including temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 600°C.

Engine components such as shafts, blades and discs are also manufactured from titanium because it offers high strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Titanium is found in toothpaste, sun cream, paper and plastic

Did you know that the permanent white pigment in toothpaste, sun cream, paper and plastic is titanium oxide? Titanium oxide is a chemical used to produce adhesives and paints, toothpaste and sun cream, paper and plastic – providing a visibly whiter appearance.

  • Titanium is used in sport

One of the more surprising uses of titanium is in sports equipment. Titanium is found in tennis rackets, golf clubs, helmet grills and bicycle components because it makes equipment lightweight. Equipment that is lightweight is easier to use and allows athletes to perform to the best of their ability.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply bars in 6AL/4V which is a widely used titanium alloy. It’s made up of 90% titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium.

The 6AL/4V offers high levels of reliable performance and machinability. Typical uses of this alloy include manufacturing parts for racing and motorsports.

  • Titanium bicycle frames are more reliable

Bicycle frames that are made from titanium bars are 50% lighter than steel bars but offer the same level of strength – making it easier and more enjoyable for cyclists to ride.

Titanium bars resist fatigue and impact, bumps and bashes and are less prone to corrosion, allowing you to sustain the appearance of your sports equipment for longer.

  • Titanium is found in jewellery

Titanium is a lustrous metal which is used to create rings, watches sunglasses and eyeglass frames.  It provides the strength and durability needed for daily wear and doesn’t bend, scratch, deform or buckle.

Jewellers purchase titanium rods and wire from us at Ti-Tek to manufacture some of the most luxurious pieces of jewellery.

If you need to know more about titanium or the products we supply, call us on 0121 382 4121 today.

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