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3 things you need to know about fibre tube laser cutting

Behind all quality cut components is a reliable tube laser cutting machine, and here at Ti-Tek, we recently invested in a £120k fibre tube laser cutting machine to meet the demands of various applications and complex projects.

3 things you need to know about fibre tube laser cutting

What is a tube laser cutting machine?

A tube laser cutter creates patterns and designs by cutting into materials using a powerful laser beam that causes them to melt, burn and vaporise. A tube laser cutting machine can produce intricate parts – without needing custom-designed tools.

Fibre tube laser cutters, like ours, are three times more energy-efficient than gas laser cutters and require less maintenance. Cheaper than other laser cutters – our machine provides a long-lasting alternative which can be passed on to customers, offering you a cheaper, more accurate service.

What do we use our fibre tube laser cutting machine for?

Used by many different industries, the most common application of a tube laser cutting machine is to cut metals to size – providing a precise, smooth finish.

Here at Ti-Tek, we use our fibre tube laser cutting machine to cut titanium to a specific size to meet the requirements of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), including Audi and BMW.

What are the benefits of tube laser cutting?

Tube laser cutting machines rapidly increase cutting speeds and reduce the need for conventional methods, such as sawing, milling and drilling – allowing you to receive the metal you need sooner.

With tube laser cutting, we guarantee high precision and accuracy, as well as high production speeds. Our fibre tube laser cutting machine enables us to create complex shapes without distorting or damaging materials – meeting the diverse needs of various industries.

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