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What are titanium rods used for?

Reputable titanium suppliers, like Ti-Tek, will provide you with the best quality products for industrial applications – but what exactly can our titanium rods be used for?

A titanium rod is made from pure titanium or alloys combining other metals, such as aluminium or vanadium. When alloyed the metal is much stronger.

What are titanium rods used for

Titanium is an incredibly useful metal that’s used by various industries, including automotive, aerospace and architecture. Titanium rods are often used in the medical field as they can resist corrosion and are biocompatible – meaning they can join with human bone. Medical professionals and dentists also use surgical instruments that are made from titanium rods.

  • Medical applications

The type of titanium rod often depends on the severity of injuries and the patient. When replacing broken bones, orthopaedic surgeons usually use titanium rods made up of alloys as they provide great strength and stability.

An expanding titanium rod is used for children’s orthopaedics as it can be attached to the joints and stretches with bones as they grow. Expanding rods reduce the need for repeat surgeries. Despite frequently being used for children, they are also an excellent choice for larger bone replacements, i.e. adult leg bones.

  • Aerospace applications

Renowned for high strength and low density, titanium is often found in the structure and skin of aircraft, amongst other aerospace equipment. Titanium rods are used in this industry to ensure equipment is hardwearing, reliable and can withstand extreme temperatures and speeds.

  • Automotive applications

Ti-Tek supply the automotive industry with titanium rods and exhausts to enhance the performance of vehicles – especially luxury cars and motorbikes. Titanium rods help to reduce fuel consumption and improve engine efficiency, as well as minimise noise.

  • Sport applications

Our titanium rods are found in a range of sports equipment, including bicycle frames, golf clubs and hiking equipment. Titanium’s low density makes it easier for athletes to carry their equipment with them, whilst making no compromise to performance.

Need to know more about titanium rods and their uses? Feel free to contact the Ti-Tek experts by completing the online enquiry form. Always on hand to help, we will be more than willing to share our expertise and assist you in selecting the most suitable titanium rods. Call us on 0121 382 4121 or email info@titek.co.uk.

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