What makes titanium great for sports?

Titanium metal is well known for its use in aerospace, marine applications and medical implants, but let’s not overlook the benefits it can have on other areas – including the sports industry. But what makes titanium the metal of choice for sports equipment?

What makes titanium great for sports?

There are many characteristics of titanium that make it advantageous for sport, including:

  • High strength to weight ratio

In sport, even the smallest amount of weight reduction can have a massive impact on performance – allowing athletes to compete at a higher, more competitive level.

The lightest bike in the world has a titanium structure, weighing in at a tiny 6lbs. Golf clubs, such as Titleist drivers, incorporate titanium technology in their design, delivering superior performance. Helmet grills can also be made from titanium rods – these are two times lighter than steel grills yet provide the required strength to keep athletes protected.

  • Corrosion resistance

For sports such as mountain climbing and rock climbing, it became apparent that stainless steel bolts couldn’t handle adverse weather conditions for long before they started to corrode – not ideal when your life depends on them! When climbing, you need to know that everything will hold up, and titanium’s reliable strength and resistance to corrosion makes it the perfect solution for outdoor equipment.

Thanks to their corrosion resistance, titanium rods are also ideal for angling essentials as the metal can be used for everything from fishing rods and reels to hooks and more.

  • Damage or scratch tolerance

Whether out on the motor racing circuit or the athletics track, sporting professionals want equipment that will help them to perform at their peak but that also looks good.

Titanium – be it in the form of rods, bars or bolts – is highly resistant to wear and tear, and maintains its lustrous appeal for a very long time – keeping equipment looking great.

If you would like to know more about titanium in the sporting industry, and its benefits, please get in touch with the Ti-Tek team. We are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to share our expertise. Feel free to call 0121 382 4121 or drop us an email at info@titek.co.uk.

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