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Titanium in the Motorsport Industry

How much do you already know about Titanium?  Did you know it’s used in motorsport? Ti-Tek are experts in supplying the motorsport with all their titanium equipment and specialist parts.

Titanium is a metal renowned for its high strength to low weight ratio and used by many different industries, including motorsport.

Sometimes called the ‘space age’ metal, Titanium is a chemical element with the atomic symbol ‘Ti’ and atomic number 22. It has been used extensively in motorsport ever since 1980.

The high-performance parts are suitable for all level of motorsport enthusiasts and we stock a wide range of products, including:

  • Titanium bars
  • Titanium bolts
  • Titanium exhausts
  • Titanium rods
  • Titanium sheets
  • Titanium tubes

All our titanium products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and priced competitively.

Did you know Formula 1 racing circuits rely on titanium? F1 vehicles use a great deal of titanium, whether it be a titanium bar or a titanium exhaust, as it’s a strong, lightweight metal. Other properties of titanium which make it so desirable for F1 cars include its resistance to corrosion and lustrous finish – helping vehicles to maintain their quality appearance.

A high-quality titanium exhaust enhances the overall performance of cars and motorcycles and is more reliable than stainless steel exhausts. An exhaust made from titanium, will effectively improve the power of your vehicle, making it easier for you to accelerate and producing a more metallic sound.

Ti-Tek are also proud to supply KS Ti-1.2 ASNEX titanium, the number one lightweight material used for exhaust systems.

Currently, we stock the KS Ti-1.2 ASNEX 1.2mm titanium tubes. These are available to order in various thicknesses and we can offer bespoke sizes. We also supply the KS Ti-1.2 ASNEX titanium sheet in 0.9mm x 1250mm x 3000mm and 1.2mm x 1250mm x 3000mm.

We supply titanium bolts and fasteners for the motorsport industry, covering everything from dome head bolts and taper head socket caps to race spec bolts and hex head bolts and these are available in pure and alloyed form, including grades 2 and 5.

Need to know more about the titanium we supply for motorsport? The team here at Ti-Tek are always on hand to help and advise you, so be sure to get in touch with us on 0121 382 4121 or email us at info@titek.co.uk today.

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