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7 Fascinating Uses of Titanium

Titanium is a non-magnetic metal that’s a poor conductor of electricity. Despite its inability to conduct electricity, titanium is still to this day, a well sought after metal which suits the requirements of various industries. Titanium can be used almost anywhere- whether it be formed into bars, tubes or sheets.

Pure Titanium.

As titanium suppliers, we provide the lustrous material that is easily identified for its white metallic colour. Titanium in its purest form is the 9th most abundant metal that can be found within the Earth’s crust and its name originates from the Titans of Greek Mythology.

Titanium Properties.

Finding titanium on the periodic table is easy. With the atomic symbol Ti, titanium is found amongst the transition metals. The atomic number of titanium is 22 and it has a melting point of 3034°F and a boiling point of 5949°F.

Titanium is as strong as steel but lighter in weight. One of the most desirable properties of the metal is its high strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion at high temperatures. Unlike other metals, titanium incorporates an oxide coating that provides a protective layer against extreme temperatures and corrosion.

Uses of Titanium.

Alloyed titanium tends to be used more than titanium in it’s purest form, this applies to any titanium exhaust, titanium tube or titanium sheet! It’s said that 65% of commercially produced titanium is alloyed to enhance strength and resistance to corrosion.

Here’s how titanium is used in everyday life:

  1. Aircraft Manufacturing

The titanium sheet is often used to manufacture aircraft, making it a popular choice for customers based within the aerospace industry.

Titanium is a metal that is ideal for the frames and engines of aircraft. The Boeing and Airbus are both examples of aircraft that have incorporated titanium throughout the design process to enhance their reliability and performance.

  1. Automotive

Titanium is a metal that is used for cars and motorcycles, particularly the exhaust systems. A titanium exhaust is guaranteed to enhance the performance of your vehicle, allowing you to achieve greater speeds and to generate smoother, metallic sounds. In addition to this, investing in a titanium exhaust will enable you to boost the aesthetic quality of your car or bike too.

A titanium exhaust is thought to be a reliable alternative to the stainless steel counterparts; can you afford not to invest in one today?

  1. Domestic Items

Did you know that some electricals are made from titanium? From watches, laptops, computers and mobile phones, titanium is a metal that is present in almost everything!

Titanium Dioxide is a compound of the transition metal which is used to manufacture white paints. The Titanium Dioxide can be used to produce toothpaste, paper and plastic, not forgetting sunscreen, food colouring and cookware.

  1. Field of Medicine

You’d be surprised what a titanium tube can be used for; take pacemakers for instance. A titanium tube is ideal for the production of pacemakers and other surgical instruments, essentially boosting the quality of life of patients.

Titanium can be used to manufacture crutches and dental equipment, not forgetting hip and joint replacements!

  1. Jewellery Making

As a result of the titanium sheet being durable and dent resistant, it’s a popular choice for jewellery makers. The production of titanium rings has rocketed in popularity of recent, overtaking their silver and gold counterparts! Titanium bars can also be used in the production of jewellery, only these tend to be used as fasteners, offering a lustrous finish to any piece of jewellery.

The titanium sheet is used to manufacture glasses frames, only titanium is alloyed to provide exceptional strength and resistance, as well as maximising light and durability.

  1. Marine Engineering

If you’re looking for titanium for your engineering application, look no further than Ti-Tek! Our titanium supplies have the ability to resist water, making them perfect for any equipment that is exposed to seawater or salt water.

The titanium tube and sheet are both designed to resist corrosion, so should you choose to use titanium for marine applications, you can rest assured that your metal will last.

  1. Sporting Equipment

Titanium bars are designed to be hardwearing; hence why they are so suitable for the manufacture of sporting equipment. Ranging from golf clubs, tennis rackets, cricket bats and hockey sticks to bike frames and helmet grills, the titanium bars are extremely versatile!

Our titanium bars are ideal if you’re looking to provide strength without compromising quality or increasing the overall weight.

Titanium Suppliers.

As titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek is your go-to provider of titanium! We aim to accommodate some of the most diverse requirements, essentially providing you with a high-performing metal that matches your project needs perfectly.

We supply our titanium bars, sheets, tubes and exhausts in a range of lengths, sizes and styles, so be sure to discuss your needs in detail with our team of experts today. Simply call us on 0121 382 4121 or email us at info@titek.co.uk.

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