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What makes Titanium so Useful?

Titanium is an element that has the atomic symbol Ti. Locating titanium on the periodic table is simple; it has the atomic number of 22 and is found with the transition metals.

As a transition metal, offering low density and high durability, titanium is desired by various industries. The strong and lustrous nature of the metal is combined with other properties, like resistance to corrosion and high temperature.

Titanium in its purest form is renowned for its high strength to weight ratio, however, it can be alloyed to provide even more strength.

History of Titanium.

The metal was discovered in 1791 by William Gregor and was developed after World War II. The name of the metal originates from the Titans of Greek Mythology.

Pure titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter and can be easily formed into wires and bolts. Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium bolts in several sizes and grades. The titanium bolts that are available in grades 1-4 are ideal if you’re looking for a less dense metal but one that’s heavier than aluminium.

With titanium, you have the opportunity to alloy it with other elements, take aluminium, iron and molybdenum for instance. The combination of titanium and other elements can produce strong, lightweight alloys for the aerospace, automotive, military and medical industry.

One of the main differences between alloyed and unalloyed titanium is that alloyed titanium is much stronger and maximises the best physical and chemical properties of the metals.

Versatility of the Metal.

Whether you’re looking for titanium bolts for your bike or motorcycle, titanium suppliers like Ti-Tek aim to satisfy the most diverse customer requirements! The Titanium Bolts that we supply incorporate a sturdy design that is guaranteed to last. We stock the titanium bolts in a range of lengths and styles to suit an array of sporting performance needs.

If you’re looking for titanium wire, you’ve come to the right place!

The titanium wire from Ti-Tek is suitable for welding and vaping applications. Starting from 1.6mm and ranging right the way up to 3.0mm, our Titanium Wire is bound to match your project requirements! A titanium wire is considered to be useful for those who work in chemical and processing industries too because the metal has the ability to resist fatigue.

Resistance to Corrosion.

There are several properties of titanium that make it so practical for industrial applications. The fact that titanium is a metal that has the ability to withstand corrosion makes it perfect for use underwater (i.e. the marines).

For applications that are exposed to salt water, a titanium plate is ideal. The titanium plate can be used to plate naval ships and missiles, along with aircraft and armour. As well as this, it can be ideal for the automotive industry, for engines.

Titanium’s resistance to corrosion also makes it suitable for the manufacture of propeller shafts and other equipment that’s used within the sea.


Another reason why titanium is so useful is to do with the fact that it incorporates a low density and is significantly lighter than steel. The low density of the titanium rod makes it easier to work with, proving to be reliable for various applications.

Although the titanium rod is designed to be light, this makes no compromise to strength, providing you with an especially versatile metal.

When it comes to choosing a titanium rod from titanium suppliers, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for because we supply it in various sizes and diameters, essentially matching your specific needs. The titanium that we supply at Ti-Tek is useful for aircraft manufacturing applications, so be sure to check out the Titanium Rods here today!

Resistance to Heat.

A titanium plate is often used in aircraft construction, simply because of its reliability. Any Titanium Plate that we supply at Ti-Tek is tailored to suit your exact needs and wants, making it easier for you to find appropriate products for your intended application.

Titanium has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, hence why it’s so useful for the manufacture of mountain climbing equipment!

Additionally, titanium’s resistance to heat makes it perfect for the pigments that are found in paint, paper and plastic. A titanium plate is also ideal for light bulb filaments, offering maximum strength and reliability.


As titanium suppliers, we design and manufacture titanium to suit your exact requirements. Unlike other transition metals, titanium is unreactive and won’t react with the body which makes it perfect for hip and joint replacements.

Whether it be used to create an artificial hip or pins to set bones, titanium is often a metal of choice for repairing and replacing broken bones. Those within the field of medicine take advantage of titanium’s inability to react, using the metal for surgical and dental implants!

In summary, titanium comes in useful for many different applications, providing you with a metal that can enhance performance and reliability. You’ll find titanium supplies like the rod, wire, plate and bolts in various shapes, sizes and widths, so be sure to choose only the most suitable products for your application.

Get in touch with our team of experts to discover whether you could benefit from titanium today!

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