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What are Titanium Rods?

When it comes to Titanium, you’d be surprised just how useful it can be! As a transition metal, Titanium is an incredibly durable material that is seen to be desirable for a wide range of industries for many different industrial applications.

Titanium Suppliers.

Titanium boasts a long-lasting design that makes it a versatile metal to work with. Here at Ti-Tek, we supply a comprehensive collection of products, including the following:

  • Titanium Rods
  • Titanium Bars
  • Titanium Bolts
  • Titanium Exhaust
  • Titanium Tube
  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Plate
  • Titanium Wire

Any of the stock that we have is available in a choice of shapes and sizes, which essentially makes it easier for you to find products that meet and exceed your requirements.

Did you know that a Titanium Rod can be inserted into the body to stabilise a bone? What about Titanium Rods and the manufacture of aircraft parts and frames? Titanium is a metal that has already taken industries by storm and continues to do so today!

Specialising in the manufacture and distribution of Titanium, we think nothing less than providing a suitable Titanium Exhaust, Titanium Tube, Titanium Bars, or Titanium Wire, Plate and Bolts. All of the stock that we provide is designed with your specific needs and wants in mind, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands with the team of professionals at Ti-Tek.

Everyday Uses of Titanium Rods.

As Titanium suppliers, we aim to provide an extensive range of rods, sheets, tubes and bars that are guaranteed to suit the requirements of all customers. A Titanium Rod is evidently used by the aerospace industry to create airframes and other aircraft parts, this is as a result of its high strength and lightweight.

In addition to this, the Titanium Rods can be alloyed with other metals to produce drill bits, bicycles, golf clubs and other technical equipment.

Titanium suppliers, like us at Ti-Tek, provide products that are perfect for jewellery-making. Titanium is a lustrous metal that can be used to create beautiful accessories that are designed to last, take watches for instance.

Desirable Properties of Titanium.

If you’re wondering what makes Titanium so popular, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it be a Titanium Rod or a Titanium Bar, there are countless properties of Titanium that are used to the advantage of industries. The high strength to low weight ratio is just one of the reasons why Titanium is used in abundance by the automotive and aerospace industry.

Another reason why Titanium is so suitable is that it’s a transition metal that has the ability to withstand extreme temperature and pressures, without impacting on quality or performance.

In comparison to other metals, like steel and aluminium, a Titanium Rod is often seen to be the metal of choice. Titanium Rods are designed to be 60% heavier than aluminium, yet twice as strong, however, they are 30% stronger than steel but 50% lighter- making them easier to work with.

No matter which products you choose from Titanium suppliers, you’re bound to benefit from a metal that offers exceptional corrosion resistance and greater stability.

Medical Titanium Rods.

Titanium Bolts are not the only materials that the medical industry use in abundance… they also use rods and bars!

To deal with breaks and fractures, a Titanium Rod can easily be inserted into the human body to replace or stabilise bones. The Titanium Rod can also be used for other surgical and orthopaedic applications, including dental implants.

The main purpose of the Titanium Sheet and rod is to hold the tissue in the correct position, at least until the bone regenerates itself. The design of the rod is specific and ensures that the metal can withstand the load that is put onto the bone.

Any Titanium Wire or Titanium Bar from Ti-Tek can be used for high-quality medical equipment, ensuring that they are precisely made and suit exact specification. Most importantly, the lightweight Titanium is ideal for medical tools and equipment because it guarantees a sense of comfort that enables professionals to use them with ease and accuracy.

Could you benefit from the Titanium supplies that we have to offer, here at Ti-Tek? Why not find out for yourself by calling us on 0121 382 4121 today?

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