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A Quick Look At Titanium

Discovering a metal that works best for you needn’t be time consuming or stressful; like any reputable titanium supplier, we provide a complete range of products for you to choose from!

With so many products in stock, it’s inevitable that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it be a titanium tube or a titanium plate, so be sure to check out our extensive collection today! At Ti-Tek, we incorporate no order restrictions and provide you with the option to customise your products to suit your exact specification.

When it comes to choosing titanium supplies, you want to be sure that you select only the most suitable ones, hence where we come in! Our team of professionals have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience over time and think nothing less than providing you with any advice or support that you require in making your decision.

Properties of Titanium.

Any titanium plate or titanium tube can be used for a vast range of applications; combining some of the most desirable properties, a metal can offer. Titanium offers a low level of elasticity, making it one of the more stable metals available in today’s market.

As a transition metal, titanium has a high strength to low-density ratio and offers exceptional corrosion and erosion resistance. The weldability and formability of the metal make it so useful for many applications; could you benefit?

Offering similar welding characteristics to stainless steel, titanium is a metal that can easily be bent and formed to suit the specific requirements of your application.

Cost of Titanium.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium bolts as well as the sheets and plates. Like any of the products that we have available, our titanium fasteners and bolts are priced competitively, making them an economically attractive metal for an array of industrial applications.

Titanium is easy to maintain and allows you to sustain the quality of your equipment for longer. Not only does this provide you with a long-lasting solution but is guaranteed to suit your budget requirements, allowing you to receive the best value for your money.

Our high-quality titanium supplies are designed to meet all challenging environments, along with some of the most diverse demands.

Commercially Pure Titanium.

Pure titanium is used in aerospace and ducting applications. We supply commercially pure titanium (titanium in its purest form) for a wide range of applications. Grade 1 is an example of the CP titanium, offering high corrosion resistance, high ductility but substantially less strength than alloyed titanium.

Titanium Alloys.

Alloyed titanium can also be used in the aerospace industry to provide additional strength and stability. The titanium alloys are often used to build aircraft because they have the high strength to weight ratio. Alloys can include aluminium, iron and molybdenum, to create missiles and implants.

Titanium Plate.

With increased strength and lightweight properties, the titanium plate is a firm favourite amongst various industries. The titanium plate also combines high strength with formability to suit the requirements of the aerospace, automotive and medical industry.

At Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium plate in several grades, so you needn’t worry about finding a metal that matches your application.

Titanium in its purest form is a low strength transition metal that has high formability, making it easier to work with. A Grade 1 titanium plate is ideal for high oxidation environments.

As another pure form of titanium, Grade 2 is commonly referred to as the “workhorse”, suiting the requirements of almost every industry.

If you’re looking for greater resistance to corrosion, why not consider Grades 7+? Perhaps you require high strength titanium plates? The Grade 3 and 12 titanium have very different properties but are renowned for their exceptional strength and are frequently used for heat exchangers.

Titanium Tube.

You’ll find the titanium tube in several shapes and sizes, however, if you don’t find exactly what you need, we can cut the titanium tube to length and this can be deburred to suit your specification.

Our titanium tubes are suitable for the chemical, marine and aerospace industry and can also be tailored to suit commercial and military applications. As well as this, the titanium tube can be used to create sporting equipment like golf shafts and bike frames, providing a sturdy finish that is highly reliable.

Find a suitable titanium tube here today!

Titanium Bolts.

The titanium bolts are a reliable type of fastening that is often used for bikes and motorcycles. Our titanium bolts can be used to secure replacement parts to ensure that equipment is safe to use.

Designed to offer tensile strength, the titanium bolts are guaranteed to provide a sturdy solution, allowing you to hold materials in place reliably.

We supply the titanium bolts in a selection of sizes and styles, so regardless of whether you need Nuts and Washers, Hex Head Bolts, Head Socket Cap Bolts or Dome Head Bolts, you can bet we supply it!

From our collection of titanium bolts, you have the option of Grade 2 or Grade 5 titanium- two of the most popular titanium grades available.

Here at Ti-Tek, we are dedicated to our customers, ensuring that your expectations are met and that you find suitable products for your intended application. To find out more about any of our titanium supplies or to discuss your needs in further detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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