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Top 7 Uses Of Titanium

A selection of metals can be found in sheet form- titanium being the toughest! Designed to be strong and lightweight, titanium can be used for countless applications when it’s alloyed with other metals like iron and aluminium.

In recent years, the popularity of titanium has increased significantly, this is because of the metal’s resistance to corrosion. Its high strength to low-density ratio is yet another reason why it’s so popular. When compared to other metals like steel, titanium is 30% stronger but 50% lighter making it much easier to work with.

Titanium is a metal that is used in abundance by various industries, some of which may come as a surprise to you…

  1. Aerospace

Whether it’s to manufacture boats, aircraft or cars, the titanium sheet is an ideal choice to make. Titanium is typically used to create aeroplane wings, blades, air frames and turbine discs.

Titanium is often found in the structure of an aircraft but can also be used for space travel. One of the main reasons why the titanium sheet is used by the aerospace industry is for its ability to survive at high temperatures and pressures.

  1. Marine

The titanium sheet can also be used by the marine industry. The properties of titanium make it perfect for manufacturing ships, submarines and other watercraft. These all need to be made from a protective, agile material that’s reliable, hence why titanium is often so desirable!

As well as this, titanium can be used at military vessels to boost efficiency.

  1. Chemical processing

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply various titanium parts, including titanium wire. The titanium wire that we have in stock is suitable for a wide range of applications, including welding and chemical processing. The titanium wire is ideal for chemical processing because it offers resistance to fatigue and cracking.

We have a complete range of sizes available for you to choose from, so you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you need!

  1. Vaping

Believe it or not, titanium wire is used to provide a clean vape! It’s suited towards advanced vapers who are looking to improve their vaping experience.

Titanium wire is used to enhance safety and control temperature effectively, can you afford not to choose products that are made from titanium wire?

At Ti-Tek, we supply the wire in Grade 3 titanium- a high strength grade of the metal in its purest form.

  1. Human body

Did you know that the titanium plate is suitable for all kinds of applications- including the human body?

As a biocompatible metal, titanium is handled in large doses but provides minimal impact on the human body. Although it’s ingested daily, it’s not always absorbed. The medical industry uses the titanium sheet for the human body because it presents a similar density to bone.

You have probably heard that titanium is a metal that can be used for joint replacements, whether it be a hip replacement or a knee replacement. However, the titanium sheet is not only used for surgical implants but dental implants too!

The titanium sheet is used by the medical industry because of its high strength to low weight ratio.

  1. Sporting equipment

A titanium plate can also be used for sporting equipment. An example of how the titanium plate can be used for equipment includes golf club heads/drivers. The lightweight structure of the plate allows golfers (of all abilities) to hit the ball with ease, enhancing their overall performance.

What’s more; the titanium plate comes in useful for safety equipment too. As a hardwearing metal, the titanium withstands various impacts and is designed to last, allowing you to sustain the quality of your equipment for longer.

  1. Everyday use

The titanium plate is one of the most versatile metals on today’s market. The pigment of the metal can be used to enhance the brightness of products, making them more visually enhancing. They also boost the opacity of inks, paints, plastics and papers.

Other general applications where the titanium plate can be used include food products and cosmetics.

Titanium is a metal that has so many different uses; however, at Ti-Tek, we supply a complete range of titanium parts in an assortment of shapes, sizes and styles, so you can rest assured that we have just what you need!

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