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Choosing an exhaust for your vehicle

Choosing a Titanium Exhaust for your vehicle

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the exhaust layout may vary. If you’re looking for a new exhaust for your vehicle, whether it be your car, van or motorcycle, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Ti-Tek!

Believe it or not, the exhaust system doesn’t only play a crucial part in the performance of your vehicle but enables vehicle owners to portray their unique style with as little effort as possible.

How does an exhaust work?

Although all exhaust systems work in a similar way, they are not the same and are often designed to be different to suit various vehicles. The main purpose of the exhaust is to remove exhaust gases that are produced whilst the engine is running.

When an engine produces emissions such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Monoxide, the exhaust system channels them away. No matter which system you choose, an exhaust is designed to reflect sound waves that are produced by the engine.

The fumes exit the system via the tailpipe, ensuring that gases are carried away from the vehicle and passengers.

Replacing an exhaust

An exhaust that is rattling, knocking beneath the car or “blowing” are all signs that it’s time for an upgrade. Again, the type of exhaust you need is dependent on the type of vehicle and the current exhaust.

Modern exhaust systems are often the most desirable when it comes to replacing your current one. The modern ones tend to be made up of 4 or 5 sections which essentially makes it easier for you to repair or replace the faulty parts only.

Exhaust types

Most exhausts are made from stainless steel, a reliable metal that offers resistance against various impacts. The stainless steel exhausts are ideal because they offer high strength and resistance to corrosion.

An alternative to the traditional exhaust system is the Titanium Exhaust. But why titanium?

Whether it be a Titanium Rod or a Titanium Bar, the metal is renowned for its excellent resistance and high strength. Titanium Bars are used for various industrial applications and are ideal for the automotive industry.

A Titanium Exhaust is 40% lighter than its stainless steel counterpart, making it easier to handle and install. Like the stainless steel exhaust, any Titanium Exhaust from Ti-Tek is designed to be strong but offers an improved power to weight ratio.

A noticeable difference between stainless steel and titanium is that the Titanium Exhaust produces an exotic metallic sound, however, it’s often considered to be the most expensive choice out of the two.

With the stainless steel being more affordable, and the Titanium Exhaust being more reliable, selecting an exhaust is often dependent on your performance needs and budget!

Exhaust cost

The cost to replace or upgrade your exhaust system varies and here at Ti-Tek, we aim to suit the budget requirements of all customers. Exhausts tend to be made from different materials, but the ones that are made from titanium are quickly becoming a firm favourite across various industries. Whether it be Titanium Rods or a Titanium Tube, the metal has many different properties that make it so suitable for exhausts, providing you with exceptional quality and value for your money.

Although the cost of the Titanium Wire and Titanium Sheet is greater than other metals, like stainless steel, exhausts that are made from titanium tend to last longer, allowing you to maximise your investment.

Titanium Suppliers

When choosing an exhaust for your vehicle, you need to find Titanium Suppliers that you can trust! Here at Ti-Tek, we have a great reputation for delivering high-quality products to suit the requirements of an array of customers. We also ensure that tight deadlines are met, allowing you to complete your project in plenty of time.

When it comes to improving the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, reputable Titanium Suppliers like us have an outstanding range of products available for you to choose from, including:

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