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Top 7 Benefits of Titanium

As the 9th most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, Titanium incorporates some of the most desirable metallic properties which makes it so suitable for many different applications, including high-performance applications.

Titanium Suppliers, like us at Ti-Tek, provide a complete range of supplies, including:

  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Plate
  • Titanium Wire
  • Titanium Bar
  • Titanium Rod
  • Titanium Exhaust

With so many products available for you to choose from, you’re bound to find yourself spoilt for choice but this needn’t complicate things! Our team of experts are always on hand to help you to find the most suitable Titanium Rod or Titanium Bar for your intended application; why not find out how you could benefit from the stock provided by Titanium Suppliers?

Properties of Titanium

As Titanium Suppliers, we supply products with unique properties. Some of the properties of the Titanium Rods are similar to those of stainless steel and aluminium, take stainless steels stiffness to weight ratio for instance. The Titanium Rods that we supply are lighter than stainless steel but heavier than aluminium, providing you with a durable metal that combines only the most appropriate properties.

Here’s how you could benefit:

  1. Versatility

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply Titanium in all shapes and sizes and can manufacture it to meet your specific requirements, so whether you’re looking for a Titanium Tube or a Titanium Exhaust, you’re in capable hands!

The Titanium that we provide is versatile; it can be used to enhance the performance of vehicles or to improve the efficiency of systems, as well as jewellery-making and the manufacture of surgical instruments.

  1. Low Density

The density of any Titanium Bar is lower than that of a steel bar. Although Titanium Bars are renowned for their low density, there is no sacrifice made to the strength that they provide. As well as this, the Titanium Bars are designed to be rigid and are easy to work with, making it more convenient for you.

  1. Resistance

We supply the Titanium Sheet in several shapes and sizes to accommodate some of the most diverse demands. To ensure that you find a Titanium Sheet that lasts, we manufacture all of our products to a high quality, making sure that they have the ability to resist heat, cracking and corrosion.

If you’re looking for a Titanium Sheet that is suitable for corrosive environments, our Titanium Sheets are designed to provide optimal strength and efficiency. As well as this, they have the ability to withstand chemical attack which ultimately enables you to maintain the quality of your products for longer.

  1. Heat Transfer

Selecting a Titanium Tube is easy at Ti-Tek. Our tubes combine thermal conductivity with resistance to guarantee a high level of efficiency when working at high temperatures.

The Titanium Tube is suitable for an array of applications and industries, such as power generation, nuclear, marines and sport… could you benefit?

  1. Quality

Titanium is a white coloured metal that’s lustrous. Who would have thought that something as simple as a Titanium Plate could lead to so many creative possibilities? A Titanium Plate from Ti-Tek is ideal if you’re looking to enhance the visual quality of products and adopts a “less is more” feel.

Any Titanium Bolts are designed to be reliable and this is down to the fact that the metal has a high strength to weight ratio.

Whether it be Titanium Bolts or Titanium Wire, we can provide you with the essentials needed to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that are impeccable and stylish, but did you know that wearing Titanium jewellery can have benefits on health?

  1. Health

The Titanium Plate can be used for jewellery making, whether it be to make a bracelet or a ring. Choosing jewellery that is manufactured from Titanium is said to have profound benefits on human health, maintaining an electrical balance within the human body. The ionising effect can balance the electrical current that runs through the body, which no other metal can do.

Wearing Titanium jewellery can reduce muscle stiffness and pain by providing less of an impact on the nervous and muscular system, without compromising the luxurious design of jewellery.

  1. Affordability

Titanium Suppliers can provide you with exactly what you need when you need it most. To ensure that you find Titanium that matches your needs effortlessly, we make sure that all of our stock is priced suitably, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.

The fact that the Titanium Bolts and Titanium Wire is designed inertly allows you to find a metal that survives all weathers and impacts and guarantees low lifetime costs.

Find out if you could benefit from our Titanium Supplies today and give us a call on 0121 382 4121.

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