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Finding High Quality Titanium Tubes

If you’re looking for high-quality titanium supplies, you needn’t look any further than Ti-Tek! Here at Ti-Tek, we accommodate some of the most diverse needs and wants, ensuring that all customers discover titanium bars, tubes and rods that are suitable.

Titanium is a transition metal that is used for countless applications. It combines high strength with low density. We supply the high-quality titanium tube in an assortment of grades, but the required grade of titanium is dependent on your intended application.

Commercially Pure Titanium.

At Ti-Tek, we supply the commercially pure titanium bars and tubes which are available in Grades 1 to 5.

A Grade 1 titanium tube is extremely soft and ductile; it offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and various other impacts. The formability of the titanium makes it so useful for tubing and several other applications within the medical and automotive industry.

The Grade 2 titanium tube is referred to as the “workhorse”. This is the most popular grade of titanium that we supply and is much stronger than any Grade 1 titanium tube.

If you’re looking for a metal which has more strength to offer, the Grade 5 titanium could be ideal!

Alloyed Titanium.

A titanium rod that is alloyed is designed to suit the requirements of the chemical industry. It’s renowned for its high strength and reliability, not forgetting its resistance to corrosion. Titanium is combined with another metal to maximise only the most desirable properties.

The Grade 5 titanium bars and tubes are the most manufactured alloy that compromises the best properties. This grade of titanium provides high strength and heat resistance, hence why it’s used by the aerospace industry.

The hydraulic industry tends to use the Grade 9 titanium because it offers high strength and corrosion resistance. We recommend this alloy for any titanium tube or pipes.

Properties of Titanium.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium bars, rods and tubes in an assortment of shapes, sizes and depths, so you needn’t worry about finding only the most suitable titanium parts for your application.

When compared to stainless steel and other metals, titanium offers countless benefits. Titanium is a metal that’s lighter in weight but extremely durable (it has a high strength: low-density ratio). Although stainless steel tubes and bars often work out more affordable than titanium, they are often less reliable.

Any titanium tube that we supply at Ti-Tek incorporates a high melting point, hence why it is often used for transferring heat effectively. As well as this, the titanium tube is designed to be high performing and can significantly improve power.

Like any of the products we supply at Ti-Tek, the titanium rod and titanium bars are cut to length to make sure that your exact specifications are met.

Applications of Titanium.

You’d be surprised just what titanium bars, rods and tubes can be used for! At Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium tube in several sizes and styles, along with various other titanium parts, each of which can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Our titanium supplies have become increasingly popular with the medical industry and are also ideal for applications of power generation. Whether you’re looking for titanium for your aerospace industry or your chemical processing industry, you can bet Ti-Tek have exactly what you need!

Quality of Titanium.

At Ti-Tek, we provide all our customers with a professional service, providing you with a bespoke solution. We think nothing less than helping you to find the highest quality titanium tube for your application.

What’s more; at Ti-Tek, we provide no minimum order restrictions, making it more convenient for you to purchase titanium whenever you need it most.

Should you require any expert advice and support to find the very best titanium tubes, get in touch with the team here at Ti-Tek!

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