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Grades of Titanium Bars

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply titanium in various grades, they are either in the form of pure titanium or titanium alloys. Our team of experts are here to help you to choose the most suitable one, ensuring that you find titanium bars to match your requirements and the requirements of your specific application.

Pure Titanium.

Pure titanium is used for various applications; these are available at Ti-Tek from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and offer different properties to the titanium alloys. Titanium in its purest form includes no other elements- find out more about the grades of titanium we have to offer!

Grade 1.

When choosing titanium bars, Grade 1 titanium is ideal if you’re looking for a metal that’s easily manipulated into shapes and forms. Pure titanium bars offer high impact resistance and corrosion resistance- making them the material of choice for industrial applications of chemical processing and architecture.

Grade 2.

Ti-Tek supply the Grade 2 titanium; this is also referred to as the “workhorse”. Renowned for its usability, the Grade 2 titanium bars are ideal for power generation, hydro-carbon processing and purification.

In terms of popularity, the Grade 2 titanium bars are greater than the Grade 1. They don’t only offer more strength but weldability and ductility too.

Grade 3.

Although this grade is less popular than any other grade of pure titanium, there’s no compromise made to the value of the Grade 3 titanium bars.

Titanium bars that are made from Grade 3 titanium are designed to offer more strength than Grades 1 and 2, providing exceptional corrosion resistance. These titanium bars are perfect for aerospace, medical and marine applications- can you afford to miss out?

Grade 4.

Selecting the strongest pure metal needn’t be difficult. Grade 4 titanium bars offer tensile strength and are appropriate for any applications that require high ductility. The Grade 4 titanium can easily be drawn into a wire, moulded and shaped, making it suitable for vessels, condensers and heat exchangers.

The Grade 4 titanium is frequently used as a medical grade, suiting various medical and surgical applications.

Titanium Alloys.

A titanium alloy is made up of titanium and other elements, combining only the best properties. When a metal is alloyed, it provides more strength and formability, hence why we supply titanium bars in all titanium grades!

Grade 5.

Grade 5 titanium is one of the most common alloys (if not the most common!) It has several uses across various industries, maximising strength, low-density, resistance to corrosion and formability.

In terms of reliability, you cannot go wrong with our Grade 5 titanium bars; they’re perfect for aircraft turbines, engine components and aerospace fasteners.

Grade 7.

The Grade 7 titanium bars have similar qualities to Grade 2 titanium. If you’re looking for a metal that can easily be welded and fabricated, you need Grade 7 titanium!

Unlike other alloys, this Grade of titanium provides the best resistance to corrosion and acids, making it the material of choice for production equipment.

Grade 11.

As an alloy, Grade 11 is the equivalent to Grade 1. It provides protection against corrosion- ultimately preventing the formation of rust. The properties of titanium alloys are a combination of the high strength-low density and the qualities of the other elements.

Choosing a Grade 11 alloy offers high weldability, ductility and cold formability, along with the ability to withstand various impacts.

Some of the main uses of the Grade 11 titanium bars include applications within the aerospace industry and the marines. As well as this, they can be used for sports equipment and automatic parts.

Grade 12.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply only the best titanium bars. Within our extensive collection of titanium bars, you can expect to find the Grade 12 metal.

Grade 12 titanium has properties of high-strength and durability and can easily be shaped and manipulated.

There are countless uses of this grade; including applications of hot and cold forming. Titanium bars that are manufactured from Grade 12 can be used for shell and heat exchangers and chemical manufacturing, but they also suit marine and aircraft requirements.

If you need any assistance choosing titanium bars, the team here at Ti-Tek will be more than willing to offer their expertise and advice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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