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Titanium in the Medical industry

You’d be surprised how Titanium is used in human life! As a transition metal, Titanium boasts several desirable properties, including high strength, low density, corrosion resistance and thermal resistance, which makes it so suitable for various industrial applications!

Titanium was first discovered by the aerospace industry to create reliable aircraft components but today, there are countless other ways that the Titanium Rod can be used. The fact that the metal is non-toxic makes it ideal for the medical industry when it comes to joining human bone, either to repair fractures or breaks.

Titanium suppliers, like us at Ti-Tek, supply a complete range of Titanium Bolts and Titanium Bars, suiting the requirements of all customers. Our Titanium Bolts can be used by the medical industry to secure broken bones, whilst our Titanium Bars are ideal for replacing joints.

Titanium Joint Replacements.

With age, our joints can tire making it difficult or painful to move. Titanium is a metal that makes useful joint replacements, whether it be to replace a shoulder, hip or knee. The Titanium Bars and Titanium Bolts have been used medically since the 1950’s for a wide range of medical applications.

As a result of Titanium being biocompatible, it promotes the joining of tissue and bone without the need for extra adhesive, this explains why the medical industry uses Titanium from Titanium Suppliers!

Another reason why Titanium is a preferred metal is to do with the fact that it can resist high impacts and prevent breakage. Any Titanium Bolts that we supply are designed to be long-lasting, can you afford to miss out?

Orthopaedic Implants – How have they changed over time?

Metals have been used to replace body parts and treat fractures for over a century, providing patients with a sense of comfort and flexibility.

At first, Aluminium, Lead, Silver and Gold were used to treat broken bones until they proved to be too weak. Once these metals were abandoned, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Steel and Zinc were used to replace them in the 1920’s and 1950’s until it was discovered that they caused reactions within the human body.

1940 saw the development of the Titanium Plate. Titanium gained popularity with the dental industry before it was introduced to the orthopaedic department in 1950. Titanium is used today for inner body devices (i.e. heart pacemakers), internal fixation, prosthetics and medical instruments, which makes it one of the most popular metals used in the medical field.

Titanium Dental Implants.

Did you know that Titanium is a metal that is used abundantly by dentists? With dental implants, screws that are made from Titanium can easily be inserted into the jaw. These screws act as the root of the tooth and blend naturally into the bone. When the implant is set, an artificial tooth can then be inserted- making Titanium an easy material to work with.

Titanium Alloys used in Medicine.

As a pure metal, Titanium has a low density to high strength ratio. It also offers a high level of corrosion resistance and is a non-toxic or magnetic transition metal. The elasticity and thermal expansion of the Titanium Bars offers resemblance to human bone, making it perfect for joint replacements!

The Titanium Rods are ideal for applications that require durability and malleability. Any Titanium Rod that we supply at Ti-Tek is designed to specifically connect human tissue to bone, making us go-to Titanium Suppliers for the medical industry!

An example of a Titanium alloy that is used in medicine is Titanium 6AL4V which compromises 90% of Titanium and approximately 5% of Aluminium and Vanadium. This Titanium alloy offers high fracture resistance and promotes Osseointegration.


The term “Osseointegration” simply refers to the bone’s ability to attach to a metal. As an implant is inserted into a bone, the surrounding tissue becomes very sensitive. Once the implant is exposed to Oxygen, a protective oxide layer forms naturally to protect the bone.

The Titanium Plate is used by the medical field as a result of its metallic properties. Offering resistance to corrosion, tissue and fluid, a Titanium Tube is accepted by the human body and a high force is required to break it.

As Titanium Suppliers, we manufacture metals to suit some of the most demanding requirements; after all, the medical industry uses them to assist patients with knee amputations!

Medical Instruments and Devices.

Surgical instruments tend to be made from Titanium because they need to resist bacteria. An example of instruments that are used by medical professionals includes surgical forceps and drills which are made from Titanium.

One of the main reasons why Titanium Suppliers provide the Titanium Tube in a range of sizes is to accommodate various applications. Titanium is used for medical devices because of its durability and lightweight, essentially making it easier to work with.

A Titanium Plate is not only designed to replace hips, knees, elbows and shoulders, the Titanium Plate can be used for Neurosurgical applications, including cranial plates.

So, if you’re looking for reputable Titanium Suppliers, you’re in capable hands with the team, here at Ti-Tek. If you need any more information about the products that we supply, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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