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Top 6 Uses of Titanium Rods

Titanium is a non-magnetic transition metal that is a poor conductor of electricity. Not only is titanium one of the most sought-after metals that accommodates the needs of various industries, it’s the 9th most abundant element that’s found in the Earth’s crust!

In its purest form, titanium is a lustrous metal that’s white in colour. The name “Titanium” originates from the Titans of Greek Mythology. On the periodic table, it’s indicated by the atomic symbol “Ti” and the atomic number of 22.

If you’re wondering what makes the titanium rod so popular today, you may want to consider its high melting and boiling point. Titanium is as strong as steel and has a great strength to weight ratio! As well as this, the protective Oxide coating resists extreme temperatures, making it so ideal for various applications.

  1. Titanium for Everyday Life

Believe it or not, we are surrounded by titanium. Titanium dioxides that are found in pigments are used to enhance brightness and opacity. Whether it be a titanium plate or a titanium rod, the metal is used in cosmetics, food products, plastics, paper and ink.

To make the metal stronger and more hardwearing, titanium can be alloyed. By mixing titanium with other elements, alloys can improve strength and resistance and guarantee light weight, making them easier for you to work with.

  1. Titanium for Aerospace

As titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek provides a complete range of products, ranging from the titanium rods to the titanium bars. The transition metal is found extensively within the structure and skin of the aircraft, and it’s said that 2/3s of all titanium is used for aircraft engines and frames.

When the aircraft generates high speeds, aerodynamic friction is created and the titanium bars and rods are capable of withstanding the impact.

  1. Titanium for Medical

When compared to other metals, titanium is biocompatible. The human body can handle titanium in large doses, hence why the titanium rod is popular amongst the medical industry!

Did you know that we ingest 0.8mg of titanium, each day, without even realising? Most of it passes through the body without being absorbed and because it has a similar density to human bones, it can readily be adhered to.

Here at Ti-Tek, we supply the titanium rod to suit the requirements of the medical industry, offering suitability for surgical and dental implants, pacemakers and crutches.

  1. Titanium for Jewellery Making

Here at Ti-Tek, we provide the titanium rods in an assortment of sizes, essentially accommodating your specific needs and wants. Due to the metal being durable and dent resistant, titanium rings and bands are overtaking their gold and silver counterparts.

In addition to rings, the titanium rods can be used to create eyeglass frames- making eyewear more sturdy and sophisticated, as well as offering longevity and reliability.

  1. Titanium for Art and Cookware

Choosing supplies from Titanium suppliers like us at Ti-Tek is ideal if you’re looking for a titanium plate or rod to create art. Using superior technology, the titanium that we supply provides a modern image and when it’s heated, it creates beautiful colours, making it a popular material for arts and cookware.

Famously, titanium rods have been used for structural repairs and stabilisation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

  1. Titanium for Sport

There are countless advantageous properties of titanium, one of the main ones being its high strength to weight ratio which makes it ideal for an array of sporting applications. Could you benefit from the products that we manufacture at Ti-Tek?

Any titanium provided by titanium suppliers is up to standard and manufactured to the highest-quality, so you needn’t worry about finding metal that suits your exact needs and wants. Titanium is a core material that’s found within various sporting tools and equipment, some of which may take you by surprise!

The world’s lightest bicycle is made from titanium, weighing in at just 6lbs! Other uses of the titanium rod in the sporting industry include the manufacture of golf clubs, tennis rackets, cricket bats, hockey sticks and racing cars.

Our titanium provides natural resistance to corrosion and erosion and is ideal for safety equipment to maximise strength without increasing weight.

With so many options to choose from; you’re sure to find titanium rods that meet and exceed your project needs effortlessly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team of experts at Ti-Tek; we will be more than willing to offer our expertise to ensure that you find the best products.

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