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Why Do We Need Titanium?

Choosing titanium supplies from a titanium supplier just got easier! Here at Ti-Tek, we supply a complete range of titanium bars, rods, tubes and exhausts, making it almost impossible for you to not find exactly what you’re looking for.

As a result of titanium bars being 45% lighter than steel but 60% heavier than aluminium, they are often considered to be the middle ground. The density of the titanium that we supply is much greater than that of aluminium which ultimately makes the transition metal somewhat stronger.

The high strength and low ratio of titanium make it easier for you when it comes to using the metal for industrial applications, meaning that you don’t need to use as much material. A titanium bar is used to manufacture all kinds of equipment and tools, including requirements of lightweight.

Our Titanium Bars

As titanium suppliers, we have a range of titanium grades available for you to choose from, suiting various industries. There are several unique characteristics of the titanium bars that make them so popular in the medical, automotive, oil and gas industry.

The Grade 5 titanium bars are the most common bars that we are proud to supply, offering suitability for many different applications.

The titanium alloys are made up of 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures! The oxide layer of the titanium bar makes it suitable for some of the most demanding environments, including power plant condensers, desalination plants, ships and submarines that are exposed to seawater!

What can Titanium be used for?

Titanium is the 9th most abundant metal that can be found in the earth’s crust. There are several properties of pure titanium which make it so desirable, one of these being its durability.

If you’re wondering what titanium can be used for, you may want to consider the following:

Aerospace Manufacturing

Titanium rods are perfect for the aerospace industry! A titanium rod can be used in the design of aircraft, making them sturdy and reliable. Titanium has been found in the engines and frames of aircraft and is said to improve the overall performance.

Construction Trade

The construction industry uses the titanium rod for various applications. Although the titanium rods are relatively limited when it comes to civil engineering, we expect that this demand will grow dramatically in years to come.

Electrical Equipment

Ever wondered how you can make electrical devices lighter in weight?

Recently, Apple decided to add a titanium sheet to one of their laptops to make the most of titanium’s lightweight properties. The fact that the laptop was much lighter to carry and hold made it much more practical and convenient for those who had the daily commute to negotiate.

Automotive Parts

Whether it be to achieve greater speeds or to enhance the performance of your vehicle, a titanium exhaust is an ideal investment to make. Any titanium exhaust that we supply is guaranteed to improve the sound of your exhaust, creating a more metallic sound.

Medical Instruments

Ti-Tek is your go-to supplier of the titanium tube and titanium wire which can both be used to create medical equipment. Using titanium tools will provide you with greater precision and accuracy, allowing you to perform more efficiently. In addition to this, the titanium bolts have the ability to connect bone and come in useful for surgical and dental implants, as well as joint replacements.

Sporting Goods

In the past, sporting rackets were manufactured from wood, steel and aluminium, and occasionally graphite. Today, more and more sporting equipment is being made from titanium sheets, plates and rods, making them harder and heavier.

Ranging from squash and tennis rackets to bicycle frames, titanium suppliers have just the solution for finding equipment that improves resistance and stability!

Jewellery Making

The titanium sheet and titanium plate can both be used to design and manufacture luxury jewellery, whether it be titanium rings or titanium bands. We stock the titanium sheet and plate in several sizes, accommodating the most diverse requirements!

So, why do we need Titanium?

The future of titanium is bright… it’s predicted that the transition metal will be developed further in terms of efficiency and will be priced more affordable for all budget requirements. Despite costs of the metal already falling, we expect them to fall even more- making titanium appealing for more consumer markets!

Unlike other metals, titanium wire and titanium bolts are alloyed to maximise strength. Titanium can be used as a reflector of infrared radiation which makes it perfect for solar observatories. It’s also used in sun cream to prevent UV light from reaching the skin. Although titanium is made up of titanium oxide which is brilliant white, when it’s applied to the skin, it appears invisible.

As a result of the titanium oxide being white, it can often be used for the white markings on courts and pitches- like the white lines on centre court at Wimbledon but can also be used for food and drink applications- take the sprinklings on doughnuts for instance!

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